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TRM Hoofmaker Concentrated Pellets

TRM Hoofmaker Concentrated Pellets

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  • Hoofmaker Concentrated Pellets contains all the supplemental nutrients necessary to maintain and nourish every layer within the hoof, to ensure healthy and optimum hoof growth.
  • Keratin sulphate is the main structural component in the hoof horn. Keratin production is dependent on several factors, as a result Hoofmaker contains the following ingredients: 
    • Biotin Is an essential Vitamin for the production and durability of Keratin Sulphate hence provides rapid hoof growth for brittle or cracked hooves. It improves hoof strength and decreases the incidence of heel horn junction cracks, sidewall cracks and lameness. 
    • DL-Methionine: A Sulphur rich amino Acid necessary for Keratin Production that provides the structural matrix of the hoof. 
    • Zinc: An essential trace element to promote optimal growth and healing in the hoof horn and of epidermal tissue. A Zinc deficiency can cause slow hoof growth, thin walls, weak connections and weak horn. It also plays a role in minimising hoof abscesses. 
    • Copper: Copper is important in hoof formation as it is required for the activation of the enzyme which forms the sulphur cross links that hold the keratin strands together. 
    • Amino Acids. The building blocks of Protein. They are Important for the complete healing and improved integrity of Keratin Sulphate – the main protein in the hoof horn.
    • Calcium Calcium is essential for Keratin stabilization and cohesion in the hoof wall.

The complete feed for healthy hooves…

  • Hoofmaker nourishes from the inside out and guarantees noticeable Hoof growth in just 60 days. • It’s an all-natural, pellet, which is Ideally palatable for picky eaters and is convenient for feeding in big yards or paddocks with just a single daily serving.
  • It also lasts longer due its concentrated 50g daily serve and as a result is more cost effective compared to competitor products on the market:

Feeding rate:

Hoofmaker Pellets should be fed with at least 1kg of food for optimal results.

All horses: Feed 50g (1 heaped scoop) per day.

Ponies and foals: Feed 50g every second day.

Composition: Dicalcium phosphate, Soy beans, Extruded

Contents per 50g:

Trace elements:

Zinc (as zinc oxide)                                                600 mg

Copper (as Cupric chelate of Glycine hydrate)       120 mg



Biotin                                                                       37.5 mg

Amino acids Methionine                                          6,000 mg